Feedback Wanted! Chance to Win $10 Amazon Gift Card

We’ve recently launched our Steam Greenlight page, as well as our Square Enix Collective page, for Space Safari . However, judging by the votes on both Steam Greenlight and Square Enix Collective, it seems that Space Safari isn’t being accepted by the general gaming community. We would like to know why and figure out what people don’t like about Space Safari so we can work on making changes and hopefully turn those no votes to yes votes.

Please help us by filling out this short survey:

As an added incentive, anyone who fills out our survey from now until March 2, 2015 at 12:00AM PST will have a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. The winner will be chosen randomly. We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entries. Please be honest and give us as much information as possible. Doing so will allow us to find areas to improve to make Space Safari a better game for you. As an example of how important your feedback is, below are two screenshots of before and after our graphical and lighting improvements based on your feedback:

Space Safari Before  Space Safari After

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Space Safari once it’s released. If you haven’t already, please help us get Space Safari on Steam by voting yes at:

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Now on Square Enix Collective

Square Enix CollectiveToday we’re proud to announce that Space Safari is now up on Square Enix Collective!

If you’re unaware of Square Enix Collective, it’s a program run by Square Enix, developer/publisher of some of the greatest games on all platforms including Tomb Raider and the Final Fantasy series to name a few. Square Enix Collective helps indie developers get the exposure they need through their various publisher channels. If a game is accepted by the community, Square Enix may help support that game through crowdfunding. This is a big opportunity for us as a small developer and we’re proud to be accepted by such a great company.

Please visit our Square Enix Collective page and vote for Space Safari.

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Space Safari is Now Up on Steam Greenlight


After many months of hard work, we’re proud to announce that Space Safari is now up on Steam Greenlight. In case you didn’t know, Greenlight is a program where users can vote on which games they want to see released on Steam – the largest online distributor of digital games. Getting our game up on Steam exposes Space Safari to over 100 million users (and growing). This is a grand opportunity for us as an indie developer and you as a gamer; we hope to continue making games that you’ll enjoy. Please help us reach that goal by voting for us on Greenlight (you’ll need a Steam account to vote).

Once we’ve reached a certain number of votes, Space Safari becomes eligible for purchase on Steam (once it’s complete, of course). Voting for us does not mean you are required to buy the game, just that you’d like to see it for sale on Steam. Please vote and help us get the word out through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social services that you use. Thank you.

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Level 6 Preview

shot33_small shot38_small shot37_small shot36_small shot35_small shot34_small

The final level of Space Safari takes place on the fiery surface of the planet. An active volcano has destroyed all peaceful life in the area. Only the toughest of beasts remain. Think you can handle the heat?

Level 6 begins on the charred surface of the planet; a smoking volcano sits quietly in the distance. Immediately, Fire-Bats and Fire-Pinchers attack you from all sides. One path takes you up against a huge fire baddie. Another path leads you underwater though a series of deadly hazards. Eventually you work your way towards the city’s ancient castle; once a symbol of pride among the Vol. The castle now lay in ruins and getting out is your only option. Soon your safari turns into survival as that sleeping volcano now turns active. Will you make it out alive?

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Level 3 Preview

shot31_small shot32_small shot27_small shot28_small shot29_small shot30_small

Today we wanted to give you a special preview of level 3. Most of this level takes place underwater (though there are a few sections that take place above). This level begins along some damaged pipes and old caverns. Soon you are out in the open sea fighting off a barrage of deadly piranha-like “Nibblers”. One path takes you above sea level to an abandoned Vol temple. Its ancient walls are home to deadly traps. Another path takes you deeper underwater to a sunken luxury cruise ship. This hulking metal beast is now home to numerous deep sea dangers that lurk inside its dark creaking walls. Whichever path you decide to take, both lead you to a one-on-one fight with one of the last known Megalodon sharks in the galaxy.

The coolest feature of this level, however is that it is the first use of the ATKV-1’s new underwater mode. Anytime you enter the water your vehicle transforms into an armored underwater sub. You are now free to move up and down along with left and right. This is reminiscent of classic arcade shooters like R-Type. Whenever you leave the water and return to dry ground you automatically change back into a trusty land rover. This level was a joy to create and we just can’t wait for you to try it out.

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