Below is a working demo of the first level of Space Safari. It is built with the free version of the Unity Engine and is subject to change once we upgrade to the pro version. Please download it and enjoy! We would welcome your comments and suggestions in our forums. Don’t be shy; let us know what you think. This game can only get better with your feedback.

Note: To preserve the new graphical features and real-time lighting, this demo is currently not optimized for performance. Rest assured that the demo, as well as the full game, will be optimized after we get Unity Pro.

Demo (Windows 227 MB)        Demo (Mac OSX 231 MB)        Demo (Linux 233 MB)


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Movement: A and D
Pause/Menu: Esc
Shoot: Left Mouse Button
Jump/Double Jump: Spacebar

Gamepad (Xbox 360 Controller)

Movement: Left Stick
Pause/Menu: Start Button
Shoot: X Button
Jump/Double Jump: A Button